Terms & Conditions

Refund of deposit terms:

• When a customer buys a cylinder from vita gas ltd  they agree that they will only get their 100% deposit back only after refilling or exchanging the cylinder 4 times within the 12 month period from the date of purchase. If the customer has not refilled or exchanged the cylinder 4 times in 12 months they will only receive 50% of the deposit.

• If a cylinder is returned after 24 months and has been refilled or exchanged less than 4 times the customer will only receive 30% of their deposit.

• After the 24 month period the customer will not be refunded any deposit and the cylinder will always belong to vita gas ltd.

• The gas cylinder will always remain the property of vita gas ltd and shall not be filled/exchanged or kept by any other company or person.

If anyone is found to breach these conditions than we reserve the full right to take legal action

• At the time of deposit return the cylinder must be in good condition and the vita gas embossing and serial numbers must not be damaged in order to establish that the cylinder is City Cean Autogas cylinder.

Cylinder purchase terms/agreement:

• Vita gas cylinders are to be filled by vita gas ltd.

• Future supplies of gas:- by entering into this agreement the user understands that they will pay additional money at the prevailing rate for the gas contained in the cylinder.

• Use of cylinder:- cylinder should only be used as a container for gas and should not be sold, exchanged (other than for the purpose of this agreement) hired, assigned, transferred, mortgaged, lent, abandoned, nor damaged, defaced, decanted, filled or tampered with. Cylinder’s remain the property of the company at all times and shall only be filled by vita gas  ltd. This agreement is not a rental agreement and it does not provide the user with title in the cylinder.

• Cylinder deposit charge:- the customer shall pay a deposit of £44.99 for each cylinder and must agree to the deposit refund terms.

Notification of damage or loss:

In case of alleged shortage you must notify us in writing within 2 days from receipt of goods.

In case of alleged damage, you must endorse the driver’s receipt accordingly and submit a written claim to us within 2 days of accepting the delivery

Written notice of non delivery must be given to us within 10 days after the dispatch date of the goods and claims outside this date will not be accepted

If you receive wrong goods than you must notify us soon but no later than 3 days. If confirmed incorrect than you must return the wrong goods to us within 7 days. Outside this date we will not be liable.

By using  http://www.autogasbirmingham.co.uk you agree to be legally bound by these terms with immediate effect from 1st visit.

if you do not agree with our terms and conditions – please do not use this site and refrain from accessing the site in the future.

Please note changes may be applied to these terms  and conditions regularly at any time and we shall post the changes online. Please visit this site periodically for updated terms and conditions to ensure you comply with our terms and conditions.

About this website:

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Vita gas ltd cannot be held liable to the following losses or damage but not limited to this  (1) loss of data;  (2) loss of business; (3) loss of goodwill or injury to reputation; (4) losses suffered by third parties and any other loss not listed