Bulk LPG

Whether you use LPG at Home or in your Business, Vita Gas offer such a reliable and efficient Supply, you would never know you were off Grid.

LPG Cylinder

Here at Vita Gas we can now supply Propane and Butane Bottled Gas. Whether your use is for Business or Domestic, we have the LPG Cylinder to suit your needs.

Switch & Save

Did you Know you can now Switch from your current supplier? Its quick and easy. Press on the link below and see how Vita Gas can save you money.


We Specialise in Supplying Domestic & Commercial Bulk & Cylinder LPG across the West Midlands. Our aim is simple, to deliver product on time at a competitive price. We pride ourselves at putting our customers first, no waiting on the phone at call centres, just a friendly voice at the end of the line.

Vitagas also have their own Gas safe Registered Engineering division which can provide any technical advice / information you may require, and also provide Bulk LPG liquid and vapour installations, 10 year testing and Emergency “call outs”.

If you are interested in changing your LPG supply and would like to know more information on what we can offer, please call us on 07403 993630 or 01952 456 330.



If you have any questions, please contact us on 01952 456 330 OR 07403 993 630